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Fiocchi Ammunitions or Fiocchi Ammo, is the leading American manufacturer of rimfire, shotshell, centerfire, and more. Fiocchi ammunitions provides you with premium quality at less-than premium pricing. Components are measured and matched to provide reliable, consistent functioning with match-grade accuracy. Fiocchi centerfire handgun ammunition is used by military and law enforcement agencies around the world. All Fiocchi handgun ammunition is brass cased and fully reloadable. Click here for Fiocchi Rimfire Ammo or Fiocchi Shotgun Ammunition. Fiocchi ammunitions of America has grown from humble beginnings to be an industry leader. Loading only the finest components, to our exact family standards we have developed what we believe to be the most comprehensive product line possible while keeping our core values of performance, reliability, and affordability as top priorities. Fiocchi ammunitions as a company, our goal is to provide the American shooter with the highest quality ammunition at reasonable prices so that he or she can pass these great shooting traditions on to our friends and loved ones. Something our family has done over five generations. As a full line ammunition manufacturer, Fiocchi ammunitions of America offers loadings for shooters of every discipline. From the trap field to the deer stand we have your ammunition needs covered. Regardless of the discipline, or number of disciplines you choose, you can depend on Fiocchi ammunitions to deliver the performance you demand.

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Fiocchi ammunitions was founded in 1876 in Lecco, Italy, and has been producing high-quality ammunitions ever since. The tradition continues at Fiocchi’s Ozark, Missouri and Little Rock, Arkansas facilities – right in the heart of America. Hundreds of hardworking Americans producing some of the highest quality shotshell, centerfire, and rimfire ammunition available. American ingenuity fused with our Italian lineage keeps us focused on quality craftsmanship, innovation, and unequaled customer service. In the 1980s, Giulio Fiocchi’s great grandson, Carlo Fiocchi, traveled to America on his honeymoon. While visiting, he conducted market research that demanded the need for a physical Fiocchi presence in the United States. In 1983, Fiocchi opened a factory in Springfield, Missouri for importing ammunition. Carlo soon realized their business model couldn’t keep up with US demand, so he convinced then owner, Paolo Fiocchi, to build a manufacturing plant in the Ozarks, near Springfield. In 2011, Fiocchi developed 12 gauge shotgun shells filled with a Cyalume tracer that allowed shooters to see where shots are going and improve their clay-shooting performance.

These tracer shots are non-toxic, biodegradable, and are sealed in a metal can allowing them have a greater shelf life and maintain quality throughout the entire retail process. This innovation proved successful and today, Fiocchi offers a full line of “Canned Heat” ammunition. Fiocchi ammo has received numerous awards through the years including the NATO AQAP-110 Certification, the ISO Certification of the Environment Management System, as well as the UNI EN ISO Certification of the Quality Management System. Fiocchi ammo has also contributed to several World Cups and Olympic triumphs in Athens (2004) and Beijing (2008). To this day, Fiocchi is a family owned business. Then, in 1991, Fiocchi was once again on the cutting edge of ammunition production when they started to produce Frangible ammo for law enforcement and government agencies all over the world and for NATO countries. Further into the 1990’s they automated their cartridge loading and manufacturing lines, they built and outfitted a new 22 caliber loading line, they brought out specialized clay sporting shotshells, and much more. They also produced a specific Spas line of military and law enforcement ammo for their uses, brought out a new line up of special hunting ammunition, and they even got NATO qualified for their 5.56 NATO ball ammo which is a huge step for any cartridge manufacturer.

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Fiocchi ammunitions first focused on ammunition for sporting and hunting. But during World War I, they produced Fiocchi ammo for the Italian army. The factory was seized in World War II by the Germans, and as Allied forces closed in around them, the Germans attempted to destroy the factory. Employees resisted and prevailed over the Germans on the ground, but they were unable to protect the factory from bombs being dropped from Allied planes, which eventually destroyed the plant in 1945. Fiocchi ammo has always been a family affair. The company was founded by two brothers, then bequeathed from founder Giulio to one of his 13 children, Carlo – who was one of seven brothers. After the destruction of their family’s factory, they were faced with the choice of whether to rebuild or to call it a day and move on. The Fiocchi ammo family rebuilt their factory in 1946, after the close of the Second World War, leveraging a loyal workforce and not taking a dime from the Marshall Plan. This modern rebuild enabled Fiocchi ammunitions to manufacture the most advanced ammunition available at the time, keeping them abreast of the expansion of the ammunition market during the 50s and 60s. Marketing this new and improved ammo to a broader audience began with partnerships.

Today, Fiocchi ammo still sits on the cutting edge of high-quality ammunition production, all of which has a deserved reputation as some of the best available. The company sells shotgun shells for shotgun competition and competitors at the world-class level, they continually refine and expand their already inclusive line of centerfire ammunition, and they also manufacture NATO spec-certified ammunition. Fiocchi ammo were even proudly used in Olympic triumphs in 2004 in Athens and 2008 in Beijing. But the innovation doesn’t end there. Cyalume Chemtracer shotgun shells, the Canned Heat product line, Cowboy Action Line and the Tundra Rifle line are proof of how Fiocchi ammunitions keeps a finger on the pulse of the Fiocchi ammo market and anticipates future trends. Fiocchi ammo makes a full line of ammunition, but one thing it is perhaps most known for is the manufacture of rare cartridges for collectors of antique or unusual firearms. An example of this is the .455 Webley. This caliber is so archaic that in its original form, it still utilized black powder as the firing mechanism. While not the standard issue service model for the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Navy during World War I, it was a popular private arm among those respective services. Originally a large pistol primer, it is now a small pistol primer when manufactured by Fiocchi for antique firearms collectors and enthusiasts.

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